"As a Director of Veterans Affairs I have the honor to work with some of the nations finest Veterans Service Organizations, share business practices with leading companies who have veteran platforms of their own, and work with the best and brightest around the country. I’ve had the opportunity to work with ‘Tosh’ at the 2016 Triumph Games, a veteran television competition filmed at West Point Military Academy highlighting adaptive veteran athletes, where he was the Athletic Director and in charge of creating and coordinating all the events. Anyone who knows Tosh identifies him as an electrifying individual who quickly commands respect and earns the admiration of anyone in his presence. I immediately recognized the value Tosh brings to a team environment and how his personal journey throughout life has provided an incomparable foundation for training and leadership development.

Not long after the Triumph Games, we began working together to assemble a world class leadership conference for Power Home Remodeling. This event turned into an experience that many of our employees have considered the most powerful and dynamic conference we have had to date.

In my experience Tosh and the Crooked Butterfly team embody certain core values many people talk about, but few genuinely demonstrate consistently throughout everyday life. Simply put, he is a beacon of authenticity in an increasingly disingenuous world. It has been an absolute honor to work with a Marine who serves others every day with the highest distinction, dedication to excellence, and utmost humility."

- Michael Hansen, Director of Veterans Affairs