BRISTA Mayfield
CrossFit Games Athlete

“Before I met Tosh, I had spent 6 years trying to make it from Regionals to the CrossFit Games. I knew I was physically capable; I THOUGHT I was mentally capable. Spending a week with Tosh on two separate occasions revealed to me that I only understood the surface of the mental game.

Through challenging and creative coaching, Tosh provided new perspective on toughness and strengthened my overall confidence leading into the 2018 Regionals.

Afterwards , I was able to apply what I learned about myself in life, profession, and training. With this training I finally fulfilled my goal of making it to the CrossFit Games and was then able to further prepare for the Games with the right mindset and a new belief in myself and abilities.

Participating in the 2018 CrossFit Games has been one of my greatest physical achievements to date. I would not have made it without the mindset strategies and preparation I learned with Crooked Butterfly. Not only was I prepared for that stage in my life, I have been able to use these principles moving forward and apply it to whatever life throws at me.”