Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
Red Bull Athlete

2014 CrossFit Games Fittest Woman on Earth

“As someone who has to train for the unknown and unknowable, literally any physical task you can throw at a person, the daily physical, mental, and emotional demands are extremely high.  After winning the world championship and getting crowned "Fittest Woman on Earth" I found that I was putting unnecessary pressure on myself and struggled to stay in a successful mindset.

I decided to reach out to Tosh to help with my mental game. I had always been so impressed by his personal history, unbeatable mindset, and attitude.

Tosh and I sat down and we came up with a plan to train the mental mechanics, the same way you my train for a physical challenge. We evaluated where I was, laid out small achievable goals, and programmed habits to get me where I ultimately wanted to be.

Working with Tosh and my mindset training not only has me a better athlete and competitor, but also a happier, more productive and compassionate friend, wife, and coach. I simply feel like a better human."