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Father - Husband - Athlete

“I cannot stress how impactful spending 48 hours with Crooked Butterfly was for me this summer. It's hard to describe exactly when or what clicked, but I initially reached out thinking I was looking for something extreme. After talking with Tosh and asking him to decipher what I was looking for, he came up with the perfect excursion. Operating under the motto "less is more" we headed into nature and I wasn't sure what to expect.

A few hours into our adventure, I was able to start processing a few thoughts that I had been stuck on for a while. Throughout our day, Tosh helped me work through several ideas I had been contemplating. He has a very unique way of looking at life and finding ways to get you out of your comfort zone. I strongly believe that investing in yourself will pay off handsomely when you commit to it.

Free of distractions from the outside world and a chance to really be alone outside cleared my mind as well as inspired me to get back to a few basics tenets in life that we all claim we are "too busy"' for. Today's trendy buzzwords are "purpose" or "find your why"- I can tell you that on the way home from our trip I knew instantly what mine was and what I had to do to get moving towards it.

I was able to take everything Tosh and I discussed and implement the process immediately. In the last 3 months since my outing I have noticed (as well as others) a major change in my daily life. Tosh's follow up work as well as guidance since our experience have been very helpful as well. Whether it’s family, business or fitness, every action is done with a purpose that is unique to who I really am.

I wished I had met Tosh sooner as his custom made experiences will have a profound impact on you in both your personal and professional lives. I can back this up by saying I've already committed to multiple more outings."